2018 is an anniversary year for Supernova Consulting as we celebrate 15 years of a successful and continuing growth.

Supernova Consulting was the first company of the Cypriot and Greek market which became gold partner of SAP. The company was founded on 2003 with vision the business innovation through technology.

Today Supernova Consulting has more than 60 employees, 3 offices in Cyprus and Greece and a significant clientele in more than 30 countries around the world.

With constant target the implementation of IT business solutions to maximize the competitiveness and efficiency of small and medium – sized companies, Supernona’s team is growing constantly having a great technical experience.

The Founder and CEO of Supernova Consulting, Mr. Kyriacos Stylianides states for the company’s successful route:

In Supernova Consulting there are two main characteristics which stand us out from our competition: First of all the holistic approach on our projects and the management of our client or even better as I would like to say our collaborators. The second one is our dedicated and highly skilled personnel which is the foundation stone of our organization. The path to the digital transformation consists of many stages, where the digital technologies are the core of these stages. The whole Supernova’s family knows very well that the company’s successful path is a “Marathon”, a perpetual process in which we investigate and develop business innovations.

Supernova Consulting, with a significant presence in various branches of the economy, proves every day the reasons why it has stood up to the top!