Supernova Consulting cares about the well being of its people and their families.

On Saturday, 22th June, Supernova Consulting in collaboration with Institute of Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Personal Development offered a coaching program with the aims of:

  • Supporting employees in dealing with family and parental difficulties and thus facilitating changes in their lives.
  • Supporting employees in setting and achieving goals related to parental topics.

The latter are not separate matters from the employees’ performance, productivity and presence at the workplace. Parental difficulties or the lack of goals and direction within a relationship or family may consume the worker’s higher mental faculties at conscious and unconscious levels, resulting in mechanical presence at the workplace.

We would like to thank Dr. Petros Patounas- Lacanian Psychoanalyst for his time and efforts in helping our people finding a healthier balance between work and life!