Why Choose SAP Litmos?

SAP Litmos™ solutions are the future of rapidly implemented training for the customer-focused enterprise.

The solution combines a powerful LMS -SAP Litmos Training- with a robust course library SAP Litmos Training Content. It enables targeted learning, boosts employee experience and loyalty, and protects the brand by keeping the organization compliant.

By engaging learners right in the flow of work, SAP Litmos solutions empower personnel with knowledge that drives a better customer experience, improving KPIs across the enterprise.

  • Fast user onboarding
  • Robust analytics & reporting
  • Simple integration & quick deployment
  • Universal accessibility
  • Epic engagement & adoption
  • Rapid automation & embedded AI
  • Bulletproof security & quick scalability
  • Easy course creation & off-the-shelf content

For more help, take advantage of the free courses offered by SAP Litmos in the Remote Readiness & Productivity Academy