The 1st Cyprus Forex Summit held on the 1st of November 2019 at Carob Mill, Limassol was completed with the utmost success.

The Cyprus Forex Summit organized and hosted by IMH provided the audience with a platform to discuss major issues in the regulation field, modern trading platforms, company liquidity, trends and forecasts for major currencies, payments and more generally the use of technology in the profession. The Summit was addressed to all senior executives from the Financial Services sector in Cyprus.

Supernova Consulting, being one of the event’s main sponsors provided its audience with a creative and captivating presentation introducing SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Cloud Analytics.

Despina Peglitsi, Financial Managment Lead Solution Consultant & Katerina Panagiotou, Data Analytics Consultant of Supernova Consulting gave a capturing presentation with the theme 'SAP S/4 HANA and Analytics for the FX Industry', in which they discussed about the benefits of the intelligent #ERP and Analytics and how they can reinvent businesses.

The Intelligent EPR give the benefit of full automation of business processes, from HR to payments processing, to workflow approvals for purchase orders and sales execution. It does redefine all business processes by making it #data driven, leveraging new predictive, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Using Smart analytics to support end users at a level of foresight.

SAP Analytics Cloud will help you exploit the raw data and give value to your organization by: Converting the data into useful information that will appear in insights and through these insights you will be able to perform the right actions at the right time so that they give value to your organization. Managers can now measure—and therefore know—more about their businesses than ever before, translating that knowledge into improved decision making and performance.


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