SAP NOW ATHENS 2019 held on the 16th of April 2019 at Athens Concert Hall was completed with the utmost success. Participants of more than 1000 executives and businessmen from all sectors of the economy, had the opportunity to be informed about SAP's most innovative solutions and revolutionary changes brought by the technological advancements in modern business. ☁️💻

Supernova Consulting, being one of the event’s main sponsor provided its audience with a creative and captivating presentation featuring the concept of Customer Experience.

Vasileios Kamperis, Account Manager of Supernova Consulting (, gave a presentation with the theme “Understand how SAP C/4HANA suite provides real value to companies and improves the overall customer experience " in which he discussed about the benefits of SAP Service Cloud; how such technology can enhance the Customer Experience, highlighting the importance of providing Customer Service excellence.

Mr. Theodoridis, CIO of M.J.Maillis Group was also welcomed on stage to share his journey of how Supernova Consulting and SAP C/4HANA suite has grown the business through exceptional customer experiences, highlighting the key factors of success of implementation projects.