Supernova has declared a Wellbeing Day for employees.  That will be on Friday July 15th, and it will be an additional fully paid day off for all employees. With Supernova Wellbeing Day, the company is giving employees a day to take care of their own personal needs, unplug and recharge with friends and family. Taking the same day off makes it easier to collectively “switch off.” No emails, no calls!

With more than two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the global volatility and uncertainty can be emotionally draining for people. To acknowledge the impact the company has declared Supernova Wellbeing Day, that will provide all Supernova employees space and time for reflection, instead of their everyday work routines.

Addressing employees, Kyriacos Stylianides, Managing Director wrote: “When we look after ourselves, we perform better and can better support the people we care about. The message from the company is not only to have the much-deserved wellbeing day off to totally disconnect from work but to acknowledge that the company listens, understands and is here to help. It is important to reflect and know how we feel and feel encouraged to talk about it. This is a sign of strong company and supportive culture we have at Supernova”.

Supernova Wellbeing Day 2022 will provide all Supernova employees a vital step towards becoming more resilient.