Smart Contract Management Using K2 and SAP - Webinar

Automate the way you handle vital Supplier and Customer Contracts!

As more and more businesses return to work, the demand for the automation of day-to-day processes is bound to grow. Taking control of how you manage the lifecycle of contracts is one where solutions already exist and can be easily integrated into your SAP environment, as well as other technologies such as Office 365.

Don’t let the Contract Management process take over your life – instead make is simple, manageable, trackable and much quicker with a solution that will work the way you want it to. With K2 this is not contracts our way, but instead it will run your process the way you want it to. Safe, Secure and integrated into your SAP business process.


Watch this webinar from our team of experts to explore:

  • Centralising contracts and combining them with workflows in a paperless environment; enables electronic signatures with DocuSign.
  • Manage your contracts from any device, anyplace and anytime. Electronic signature support with apps such as DocuSign - Engaging your staff to build the solution you want – not one that a supplier has decided for you
  • A solution that can combine simple and quick decision making using both manual and automated approvals