Uniteam Group continues to invest and enrich its portfolio of SAP solutions with the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals solution, aiming to further improve the level of services offered to the personnel. The implementation was successfully undertaken by SAP channel partner, Supernova Consulting Ltd. The harmonized collaboration between the implementation teams of Uniteam and Supernova resulted in the immediate execution of the project which is already in the productive stage. It is worth mentioning that the implementation was completed in 12 weeks only.

By choosing the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals solution, Uniteam sets the personal performance and goals of each employee at the center of its operations and provides them with the necessary tools and processes that enable them to achieve consistency in task execution, immediate feedback for further improvement and holistic results recognition for increased productivity. Furthermore, by utilizing real time and on time reporting, management can take targeted decisions in relation to the training of each employee or team of employees thus empowering them even more.

“The decision to automate the process of the performance evaluation of our personnel and proceed with the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals solution, was taken primarily to assure a common strategy in the setting of business and personal development goals of each employee throughout the entire organization. In Uniteam we care about our people and we invested in this technology to further develop ourselves, to assess our qualities and abilities and set goals to achieve our fullest potential. This tool empowered our employees to create and manage goals for their personal development” stated Mr. Romanos Yiangoudakis, Group Human Resources Manager.

“SAP solution offers a pleasant and friendly experience to our colleagues and a variety of tools that provide a faster and more efficient use of the performance evaluation procedure. The entire process is supported by many tools, like goal libraries including more than 500 SMART goals, an application for mobile devices for goal setting and monitoring, the supporting writing tool that enables the user to provide a structured and essential feedback, document scanning for the legitimacy of the terms used and many more. Additionally, SAP solution provides to the management a detailed insight regarding the implementation status of each goal and the capability to set additional individual goals to further monitor the progress on a personal, team and departmental level. An increase in the evaluations’ quality, submission time and completion percentages has been achieved. At the same time the solution provides several targeted reports that are very useful to the management and the human resource department of our organization” Mr. Yiangoudakis concluded.

Uniteam Group offers a variety of business services including Ship Management to the countries of Cyprus, Myanmar, Germany, Ukraine and Singapore. Additionally, the Group provides and develops educational solutions for the Shipping industry as well as the Oil & Natural Gas industry and offer services to the Tourist Industry.’