Nicosia – 22 June, 2017 

Trusting in SAP solutions, Infocredit Group Ltd, has implemented SAP Hybris Sales Cloud to enable its sales and marketing teams to ‘work smarter, sell better, and win more deals’. The project implementation was completed within 12 weeks for 25 users in two countries.

“With the rise in digital customer engagement, our sales and marketing teams have access to more data than ever before,” said Theodoros Kringou, Founder & Managing Director, Infocredit Group. “For us, it was absolutely critical to have a holistic view of our customers across the organization with several business units and products. With SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, we can bridge the data gap and engage with our customers in a much more meaningful way.”

Infocredit Group chose this SAP cloud solution, primarily to achieve better management of marketing campaigns, activities management, leads and opportunity management and groupware integration. By utilizing the solution’s mobile capabilities which offer access anytime, anywhere, regardless of the device and applying real time Sales Analytics tools, the solution allows management to make accurate – intelligent decisions on matters of Pipeline Management, Sales Targets and KPIs. It is also worth mentioning that the SAP Hybris Sales Cloud solution is simple, user-friendly and time-saving. This led the company’s employees to welcome the positive user experience and immediately adapt to change.

Infocredit Group has been a leading provider of commercial and credit information for over 44 years and offers high-quality flexible solutions ranging from Credit Risk Management to Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, Debt Recovery & Call Centre Services, Professional Training and Consulting. With a focus on the global shift towards transparency, Infocredit Group aims to empower businesses by enabling critical trade and credit decisions, and protects them from precarious scenarios and risky transactions. Its constantly evolving client portfolio comprises of companies in sectors including Banking, Telecommunications, Audit & Legal, Credit Insurance, Forex as well as Retail & Wholesale Trade, among others.

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