Deliver personalised brand experiences with intelligent marketing

Build a trusted source for first-party customer data to develop a single, unified customer profile. Orchestrate individualized brand experiences across channels and departments powered by machine learning. Empower teams to make data-driven decisions with centralised performance management and greater process transparency.

Solve your specific marketing needs

Create a single, unified customer view

Reach out to every customer in the perfect moment. Get real-time insights to quickly develop custom omnichannel experiences. Treat customers as individuals.

Create trust through great customer experiences

Learn how technology enables you to create the kind of intelligent customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Choose your SAP software for marketing

Develop the dynamic, trusted customer profile, gain deep insights into performance, and optimise marketing in the moment while orchestrating the best-run, end-to-end customer experiences at scale.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Consumer and customer profiling
  • Segments, campaigns, and customer journeys
  • Marketing planning, performance, and analytics 
  • Lead management and nurturing