SAP Business One is the most complete platform for a growing business, trusted by over 59,000 businesses with over 950,000 users.

SAP Business One is a business management solution designed for small and midsize businesses that allows you capture business information in a single scalable system. It gives you instant access to real-time information through one single system.

The application is divided into a number of modules, each covering a different business function. SAP Business One has a user-friendly interface that serves as your central access point. Users can also access the system via browsers and mobile devices.


     You can choose whether to run on premise or in the cloud!


On Premise Key Benefits include:

  •  Compliance with internal Data Security Policies
  •  Direct control and access to your data, allowing flexibility in local reporting accesses
  •  Better ability to customize and extend your business process
  •  Leverage internal hardware and existing IT infrastructure and resources
  •  Perpetual licensing, with higher upfront cost but better long-term TCO
  •  Less dependence on always-connected internet

Key Benefits of running in the Cloud include:

  •  Easy and affordable deployment
  •  Secure browser-based access from anywhere, at any time
  •  Access to the most up-to-date functionality without having to use rely on in-house IT resources 
  •  Subscription licensing that avoids capital expenditure and gives operational expenditure flexibility
  •  Manage your most critical business functions in your Web browser.