Case Study | Enterprise Asset Management for Pharmaceutical Industry

MEDOCHEMIE’s Technical Services Department (TSD) manually managed the maintenance and calibration processes, using spreadsheets for planning and spare parts inventory. A paper-based system caused significant overhead for everyone, from the compliance auditors to the manufacturing technicians. The business sought an EAM solution that complies with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practise) regulatory standards. MEDOCHEMIE selected SAP Service Cloud and Supernova Consulting to design a full-featured and compliant EAM solution, enabling them to eliminate paper forms, reduce costs, improve scheduling, run Calibration and Maintenance processes in one system, optimize spare parts inventory, and enable real-time reporting.​

Before: The Challenges​

  • Time-consuming, 100% manual paper-based process is lengthy and costly​

  • Relying on spreadsheets for maintenance and calibration scheduling, resulting in manual hassle and inflexible planning​

  • Lack of automation and validations on calibration measurements 

  • Difficulty in extracting the maintenance cost information

Why SAP and Supernova Consulting​

  • Supernova understood industry challenges and enabled business process transformation​

  • Integrate maintenance, calibration, and inventory processes in a single solution that will be used across all plants​

  • Fully extendable/cloud solution to meet regulation requirements, including access controls, validations, automatic workflows, electronic signature and electronic records (audit trail), and current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)​
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface that facilitates smooth and easy operation and adoption from end users

After: The Benefits​

  • Operational excellence by transforming asset management, maintenance, and calibration processes in an integrated and validated cloud solution​

  • Reduced manual operations, reduced errors, and increased technician productivity and efficiency​

  • Reduction in maintenance costs and admin time with paperless process and environmentally friendly operations​

  • Unified all assets information, such as machines, spare parts, and instruments, in a single source of trust​

  • Real-time visibility on inventory levels, machines/plant maintenance costs, and maintenance & calibration scheduling

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