According to SAP, over a year ago, a bold new vision was revealed to empower Human Resources (HR) technology: Human Experience Management (HXM).

While Human Capital Management (HCM) was efficient for transactional, HR-driven processes, it simply falls short of employee expectations for intuitive, connected experiences. 

HXM is a shift in mindset, design and architecture that puts employees at the center of business and prioritizes experiences. Check what the SAP® SuccessFactors First Half 2020 Release included

HXM gives the ability to:

  • Employees: to work autonomously, in their own career journeys while securing organizational agility within changing circumstances.
  • Leaders: to check in with pulse surveys to see how employees are doing and quickly make changes to deliver the best experience possible. 
The full list of the enhancements per module can be found here.  

Check what SAP® SuccessFactors® HXM Suite 2H 2020 Release includes:


Reimagined Homepage


A core pillar of HXM is designing completely around the needs of individuals. The newly redesigned homepage delivers a personalized experience built to help employees complete tasks quickly and easily.

The redesign focuses on dynamic content such as frequently performed and “save for later” actions and time-sensitive tasks, and all content is organized based on what is most relevant to the individual – from rewards and recognition to development goals (homepage is included with all SAP® SuccessFactors solutions).


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New Opportunities with Learning & Intuitive Performance and Goals 



A key component of HXM is to provide opportunities that engage and motivate employees. This release, will include several updates to SAP® SuccessFactors Learning and SAP® SuccessFactors Performance & Goals to further the culture of continuous feedback and continuous learning.

A new enhanced capability in SAP® SuccessFactors Learning will support blended courses for a unified view on all learning items. The redesigned experience is intended to boost engagement and deliver a more personal learning experience on both web and mobile. Employees can more quickly access course details, and related learning courses.

Within SAP® SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, the feedback experience is redesigned to help guide users with a simple, question-based approach when giving and requesting feedback to help provide more clarity and context.

That feedback is then presented in a new card design layout that helps employees more easily consume it (ongoing dialog, feedback, and one-on-one meetings). Multiple roles can be supported so project leads and mentors can engage with employees along with line managers.


Embedded Employee Experience Management Capabilities



It is critical to have constant feedback loops that enable businesses to take informed actions. The integration of employee experience management capabilities from SAP and Qualtrics across the SAP® SuccessFactors HXM Suite will be continued.

In the 2H 2020 release, these capabilities will be available in:

  • Mentoring: When a mentoring program ends, an email survey will be sent to the participants in the mentoring program.  
  • Benefits: HR leaders can receive direct employee feedback regarding benefits. The survey automatically launches after the employee’s benefits submission.
  • Homepage: Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse surveys are surfaced at key moments to ask employees for feedback on how their day-to-day remote work environment.


SAP Work Zone for HR: Digital Workplace Combining SAP, SAP® SuccessFactors, and Partner Solutions



SAP Work Zone for HR, is the new addition and a digital workplace solution, entirely individualized so employees can access everything as a one-stop shop.

SAP Work Zone for HR connects experiences across SAP® SuccessFactors, SAP, and SAP's partner ecosystem to streamline work and intelligently surface relevant content, recommendations, insights, and actions.

In addition to out-of-the box content, customers can create workflows that span multiple products and experiences, both HR-related and beyond, that are all fit to unique purposes, such as custom integration cards, guided experiences, workspaces, and more. Employees can also fully configure their experience so that it suits them best.  

The result: smarter, faster, more agile workflows and greater individualization for employees.

SAP Work Zone for HR, as part of the 2H 2020 release, is designed for the entire enterprise – not just an HR portal. This new solution provides the human experience for the Intelligent Enterprise.


New Time Management Capabilities


With all the stresses in our daily lives, time off is a sensitive topic. With the new time management capabilities employees can enter additional time off beyond their accrued balance or vacation entitlement.

This process integrates with pay components in SAP HCM Payroll and/or SAP® SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll to confirm eligibility.

It provides the option of purchasing the leave across one or more pay periods. This feature helps reduce the adverse economic impacts of taking leave without pay – putting a smile on employees’ faces!

Another important update is the ability to track time across midnight. Simplifying small tasks make a big difference to employees’ experience at work and frees up more time to them.

These product updates are putting people first so they can grow, learn, reskill, upskill - be and do their best. As the way we work continues to change and technology advances exponentially, HXM is the foundation that will future-proof business.



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